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Pailton History

The present spelling of Pailton first appeared on a map in 1789. The original name is Saxon meaning the homestead or enclosure surrounding a farm occupied by an Anglo-Saxon, called Paelli or Paegel. The earliest recorded reference to the village was in the 13th century although there is good evidence ...

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Pailton Village Fete – Sunday 23rd July

This year the event is on Sunday 23rd July and runs from 2pm to 5pm. The event is held on the village playing field next to the Ex-servicemen’s Club. Admission is only £1, 16’s and under Free Free parking

Parish Annual Meeting and Parish Council Annual Ge...

The Parish Annual Meeting and the Parish Council Annual General meeting will take place on Monday 22nd May in St Denys church at 19:00pm. Agenda for the Parish Annual Meeting 1. Introduction & welcome. 2. To approve the minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held in 2016. 3. Annual report by the Chair of Pailton Parish Council and a statement of accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017. 4. To invite the public to raise...

Pailton Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of Pailton Parish Council will take place on Monday 5th June in St Denys church at 19-30pm

Neighbourhood Watch

Is being re-launched in Rugby.  There is a documents which explains it all Neighbourhood Watch If you would like the Parish Council to arrange a meeting to re-vitalise the Pailton neighbourhood watch scheme or if there are any residents who would like to take responsibility for doing so please let one of the Parish Councillors know and we will...

Hot Topics

Take a look at the hot topics section on the above menu to see some of the major initiatives that the Parish Council is working on

Pailton Village is on Twitter

Pailton Village has it’s own Twitter Feed Search @pailtonvillage and join in the debate  

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