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Our Council Members

Cllr Tony Gillias

Position: Vice Chairman

Responsibilities: Parish Plan & Youth and Dog Issues
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Email address:
Telephone: 07774 154381

Cllr Shane Blower

Position: Councillor

Responsibilities: Footpaths & Allotments
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Email address:
Telephone: 07842 114140

Jo Pharoah

Position: Clerk

Responsibilities: Streetlights, Drains, Amenity & Verges
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Email address:
Telephone: 07824 387383

Cllr John Bamber

Position: Chairman

Responsibilities: Budget setting & joint duties with the Clerk
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Email address:
Telephone: 07590578773

Cllr Steve Rowthorne

Position: Councillor

Responsibilities: Planning Issues & Facebook
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Email address:
Telephone: 07814192389

Janelle Quinn


Responsibilities: Website
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Cllr Kate Brindley

Position: Councillor

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